Ayurvedic Principles Guide

The Ayurvedic Principles Chart is an 8 X 13" laminated and illustrated guide allowing the user to explore their own nature, health and spiritual potential through the wisdom of thousands of years of applied health care, in the tradition of India and the Himalayas.

The first section introduces the reader to the philosophy and health care techniques of this ancient medicinal art. We are then able to determine what each Dosha, or constitution-type is and how we rate within these categories.

The second side is organized into a spiritual portion which shows that all our natural tendencies can lead to higher evolution and physical/ emotional harmony when we follow and aspire to these ideals.

The following segment is where practical suggestions are listed for healthy living and improving our lifestyles based on general guidelines. Finally, type-specific suggestions are made for diet and daily routine approaches.

The Ayurvedic Principles Guide is an informative, colorful laminated chart helpful in discovering the individual's particular constitution through their personal characteristics. This awareness is useful for maintaining health by preventing and treating unhealthy imbalances in our natural constitution-type.

Melanie Sachs author of Ayurvedic Beauty Care and founder of Diamond Way Ayurveda specializing in professional Ayurvedic training comments regarding the laminated chart: "Dear Natalie, [about] your beautiful card... you did a great job!  I particularly enjoyed the "positive lifestyle choices [section, side 2]".

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